Our Purpose

The purpose of NAACP Youth Units is to inform youth of the problems affecting Black people and other people of color, to advance the economic, educational, social, and political status of Black people and other people of color and their harmonious cooperation with other people, and to stimulate an appreciation of the African American contribution to civilization.

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Meet the Advisors

Debbie Smith and Nicole Rankin are the advisors for the NAACP Youth Unit #1813. They support the Youth by providing opportunities to get ahead. They also help map out and plan fundraisers and events to promote the Youth. They also help work with BSU’s from other schools to help promote black success.

Debbie Matthews pictured leftmost in the group, Nicole Rankin pictured rightmost in the group.

Debbie Matthews

Co-advisor of the NSDC NAACP Youth #1813. Executive member of NSDC NAACP 2019-2020. Contact Info: Email: debbie@uniqueetiquette.com. Phone Number: (760) 453-5347.

Nicole Rankin

Co-advisor of the NSDC NAACP Youth #1813. Contact Info: Email: nicholle312@gmail.com. Phone Number: (760) 805-9062.